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New Website Launch - 1st September 2013 2013-09-01

It has been 3 years since our previous website was originally launched and so are pleased to announce that our new and improved website is up and running now.

New features have been added to significantly enhance the site from the old format. Additional functionality including (but not exclusively) - photo albums & video galleries, PA system hire packages, news updates, online shopping, social media links, reviews & testimonials, affiliate links and an online enquiry form.

In addition to this we have drastically improved the performance of the website with better accessibility, appearance, usability and have also developed other important new features. These new elements have been added to enable our users to interact with a noticeably enhanced and more rewarding surfing experience!

Do remember to visit us again soon as there will be regular updates of new content on the various pages which will include new offers, photo albums, videos, news items and other relevant items and should you wish to leave any feedback or suggestions about our new site, please contact us via the “CONTACT” page.

We wish that you will have an enjoyable stay!

signed.....the "Element 5" team.

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